Lost Perthshire

lostperthshirebigIn Lost Perthshire, Ann Lindsay takes us on a journey through the lost architectural, geographical, industrial and archaeological heritage of Perthshire.

Perthshire has been the centre to a wide range of industries that flourished and then disappeared, including vast amounts of linen weaving amid acres of bleach fields, mills for grinding bones, mills for extracting starch from potatoes and mills for producing spindles from birch for the Indian jute trade. Salmon netting stations on the banks of the Tay could be glimpsed every mile or so. Illicit whisky distilling was rife.

All of these were fed by a network of mountain passes, drove roads, military roads and bridges, ferries and a busy network of railways criss crossing the county. Of most of these there is little or no trace.

Gone completely are many huge mansion houses, pleasure steamers on lochs, most market crosses, wartime aerodromes, prisoner of war camps, outdoor curling ponds and animals such as elk, bears, beavers, wolves and boars which roamed at will.